Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gross, Gross, Gross!!

For the past year, our washer has been so stinky!! I took out the fabric softener cup and cleaned the top edge of the "tub" and used vinegar and bleach different times hoping to take care of the problem. Well, it persisted and today I had ENOUGH!! I took the whole "insides" out including the agitator (not sure why I didn't go that far before!??)

 This is what I discovered!!!!! :O  This washer was here when we moved 6 years ago and I know I never cleaned it, so who knows when it was cleaned last, if ever!? 





This was the underside of the part between the fabric softener cup and the top of the agitator..

And this is the top side after it got clean!

 I've been feeling a little nauseous the last 2 days and this sure didn't help any!! :P BUT, I am glad to have that taken care of and hopefully I won't have to plug my nose every time I do wash (slight exaggeration)

Friday, September 16, 2011


When we were in PA in August, one goal I had was for my Mom to teach me how to make pie crusts. Yes, believe it or not, I am 33 and don't didn't know how!! 

 So today I tried it for the first time all by myself. I had signed up to bake Wet Bottom Shoofly Pies for our Benefit Banquet tomorrow night and I decided this year I didn't want to buy crusts.

 I think they turned out pretty well. 

The first one I made just wanted to rip, so I added just a tad more water (I hadn't added all the water the recipe called for because it was starting to feel too sticky) That seemed to solve the problem.

And the finished products!! Next time I need to save more crumbs out, I think....they look a little scarce!

Now I need to make more soon so I don't forget..... :)

I am dreaming up poses and possible colors for our family pictures this year....just need to find a photographer!!  

 I saw some really cool pics lately, but I think they are becoming the rage and I don't want to do what everyone else is......the parents holding a picture frame to "frame" the children. I think it can be REALLY cute!!

 Any pose idea's for a family of 4?

Happy Birthday!!

Last night I invited my friend Amy and her kids over for supper. They moved from here to MT last August and she came back for a few weeks to help the farmer (Paul & Marilu Wesselhoft) she had worked for when she lived here, during the time of Marilu's 2 surgeries. Then Amy is going to have a scope done on her knee and possibly have knee surgery here as well, and then go back to her hubby in MT after she recuperates.
So, I wanted to have them over for supper some night and it just happened that last Sunday was her 30th birthday, so I invited all the ladies from church to come surprise her after supper. And surprise they did!!! :) I am so happy because Amy's family says she is a hard one to surprise! :D

Her sisters, Susan and Beth made and decorated these lovely cupcakes....

Visiting before snacks were served.... 
(and my camera flash was off, so the pictures have an awful color!! :P These were taken before the one above)

Haha! I just realized if you click on the picture above, you can see Amy is giving me a crooked look. She was acting perturbed at me for hosting a party for her!! :)

Ashleigh, Susan, Ruth and Beth getting the food set up.

Opening gifts. Some people gave her 30 of something and some just gave other gifts.

She got A LOT of chocolate!! :)

A roll of TP?? Or is that $$? :) A cute gift from her inlaws!


Had a good time visiting too! :)

Happy Birthday Amy! I'm so glad we got to celebrate entering the 30's with you!! It's great!! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beach Day~

Denise Williams and I are teaching a Manners Co-op Class for our Homeschool group. Today was the first class. We did a "puppet show" and lesson using different dinosaurs. Denise had told me she would do the cutting out, but the day she was here to plan, our internet service was down, so I couldn't print them out. I ended up copying them all and cutting them out. 

I did not stop to think how many dinosaurs that was!!! We had 26 kids sign up and each kid got 9 dinosaurs!! :O It was taking f.or.e.v.e.r. to get them all cut out. 
 I just had to share this picture of my hard working guys. While watching football and Nascar on Saturday, they made a  HUGE dent in the stack....they are the best!! :)

Sunday after church we came home, Dan did a little school work and then we headed down to the beach. We had not been there, even ONCE yet this summer....and it's only 75 minutes away!! 

We went to my favorite spot....St. Andrews State Park! 

On this side of the rocks, the water doesn't get much deeper than your shoulders, most places only waist high, so you don't have to worry about rip currents. (But you also don't have waves to ride) It is a nice safe place to play and generally not very full of least in the late afternoon.

Playing monkey-in-the-middle.

There were lots of seagulls around since some people on the shore were feeding them! :P

When we sat down to eat supper, they all gathered around, looking expectantly at our food!! :D

And see the bossy one in the middle trying to be greedy and chase all his buddies away!?? Heehee!

There was some type of egret over by the rocks. It blends in so well that you can hardly notice it.

Danny climbing on the rocks. Tamara went to join him too but they weren't up there long and two raccoons came running out and scared them. They thought the raccoons were trying to chase them away. I think they are residents in those rocks since we see them every time we are there! :)

The sun was going down over the dune between the shallow bay part where we were and the ocean side.

After eating our supper, we went to the ocean side. The waves were pretty high and Dan and Danny discovered there was a nice strong rip current, so we didn't stay in the water too long.

The yellow flag was for Medium Hazard- Moderate surf or current.
The purple flag was for Dangerous Marine Life. Not sure if it was sharks or jellyfish or sting rays.

We did see one jellyfish on the beach, and we heard someone say they saw a sting ray in the shallow part, but that was the extent of it.

It was a most beautiful night to be out on the beach! The sunset was brilliant and the moon was coming up, so full and bright!

There were many, many shells on the beach. More than I ever saw there before!! "They" say that TS Lee washed them up.

Love my family!! <3

More pics of the moon....

A family of shadows.... :)

2 guys were out surfing.....

And people were waiting to get a good shot. :)

Mine got a little blurry.....

The waves crashing, sounded so beautiful. I could have slept there! :)

Almost gone....

Goodbye sun, see you tomorrow! :)

The next few pics need no captions....

I loved the way the sun was making streaks in the sky well after it went below the horizon!!

A lovely day with my family was ended with a stop at DQ!! Mmmmm!!