Friday, December 16, 2011

Sunday, December 11, 2011

This has been a good week...

~We finished week 4 of the C25K program
~Attended the GEMS Christmas Banquet at Uforia Buffet
~Went to the Victorian Christmas in Thomasville, GA
~Got to watch "Courageous" for free
~finished up Christmas shopping
~got the house mostly cleaned
~enjoyed a few warm days

On the way to Thomasville on Friday night, the moon was coming up over this "mountain" of clouds, but the clouds were moving in faster and soon the moon was covered!

A really cool thing happened that night (a God moment!!)
We were going to meet my sister Chris and her family and spend the evening together roaming the streets. We decided to wait till we got there and call them to see where they were. 
You got to understand that when you get to Thomasville you just have to park wherever you can find a spot anywhere around the main event (a fairly large area) It seemed fuller than usual, but we found a spot and just as we were getting out of the van, here Dwayne's pulled into the SAME parking area!! So not only was it a miracle we parked at the same area, but also that we got there at the same time!! :) :)  AWESOME!
Tamara enjoying one of T.H.'s chicken pitas served by the Meigs area churches.

The youth from that area also had a fresh made french fry stand to raise money for a future missions trip. My niece's Nicole and Carmen and nephew Tyler were helping here.

Tamara and Heidi with a "snow queen".

Saturday afternoon we went to Marianna. Some local churches bought out the local theater and were offering the movie "Courageous" free of charge to the public. It is well worth watching!!! Our families favorite part was when they caught a gang member and had to put him in the back of the cop car with Javier who was pretending to be another gang member!!! :) That was hilarious!
It was a good reminder to enjoy our children....every moment of every day!!
After the movie we ate at Pizza Hut. The kids had Book-It coupons to use :)

Today we had fellowship meal, communion and then went to sing at the local nursing home. We sang Christmas songs and the residents loved it. There is one couple I love to watch....I don't think they are married....I think they just "like" each other! :) And he has a good bass voice! :)
I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and evening. The house feels cold, so I pulled out a pair of socks that have been sitting in my drawer feeling neglected! :)

They are super comfy!!

This week we are going to try to get in a little extra school work. Dan also finishes up a semester on Friday, then we all get a BREAK!! :) :) :) Yay, can't wait!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our December so Far~

It's been a busy month so far!!

We had a few cold nights last week and one night Dan left the soaker hose on around some of our trees and bushes and the next morning the grass was covered in ice! :) 

Last Wed. afternoon, Trulan & Darlene M. and family and Cleason M. arrived at our house for the weekend.
They (Good News) came to sing in the prisons during the North FL Prison Crusade.
Mark & Cheryl were staying at a motel, so we didn't see as much of them.

My job was to babysit Trulan's 5 children while they went into the prison's each day and make food for everyone! :) It was different having 7 children instead of 2, but we had lots of fun and the children made good memories!

The days were nice and warm, so the children played outside quite a bit~

And this little guy.....what a cutie!! :) He stole my heart. He smiles and laughs so easily!

Laurie liked to be near me....she would talk to her brother a lot and always made him smile. <3
I heard "I'm thiwsty" from her a lot! She drank lots of water!! :)

Mitchell loved when I'd throw the diaper over his head and then pull it off and say Peekaboo! :)

Sleeping soundly!

Friday night after their program in the prison, all of Good News and Mr. Don Stoll ate supper here. I made homemade pizza, a birthday request from Danny.

Saturday was actually his birthday, so after a late brunch of Baked Oatmeal with Apples, he got to open his gifts. Cannot believe he is 13 already! I am really enjoying this stage of his life and seeing him grow in his walk with God!! :)
He received so many blessings from important men in his life this weekend and it meant a lot to him! I think this is a birthday he will never forget!!

We gave him a K'nex Rollercoaster and a Tenth Ave. North CD as well as some money towards getting a gun. He wants to go deer hunting....probably next year, but we'll get the gun awhile and have him practice till then! :)

The girls spent a LOT of time in Tamara's room and it was such a mess, but they faithfully cleaned it up every night!

Danny got the whole roller coaster together by bedtime Saturday night!! :) 

Callie was a very good helper! She would hold Mitchell and entertain him when he was fussy and I had work to do. She is going to be a strong girl!! :) He's a chunk even for me to hold! 

Dan was thrilled to be able to sing with Good News Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning! It blessed him SO much! The encouragement he received this weekend came at the perfect time!! I know it was from God!

Saturday night we all went to the Christmas parade in Blountstown.

The Christmas bus~

Redneck much??

From there, we went to the Pioneer Settlement to help carole with our church on the porch of the Yon House.
Darlene and some of her children....looks like Laurie fell asleep! :)

Uh-Oh....what'd he do now? ;)

Emily, Callie, Tamara and Danny

Everyone left Sunday morning after their early service in the prison.
We really enjoy visits from friends from "home"!!

Now in just 19 days, my brother Darrin and his family are coming for a few days! :) They'll be here over Christmas Day!! :) :) :) This will be the first time they come visit us in FL, so I am super excited to show them around this area! Hopefully it'll be warm enough to take a pleasant trip to the beach :)

Today was catch up day....on sleep and wash! :) And we started week 4 of C25K! Whew!! :P I can do this....I think I can, I think I can!

This weekend we have some fun things coming up....hopefully I'll get pics for another update then! :)