Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Wednesday Tamara went with her friend Anna to Tallahassee for a fun "girl day" to celebrate Anna's birthday. Her younger brother, Sam, stayed here at our house. In the afternoon, the boys decided to go swimming. Then my friend Jill called to see if her daughter could come swimming. I told her sure, but there won't be any girls here. Hannah didn't mind! ;)

Hannah, Sam and Danny~

Danny, the human fountain! :)

Tired and a little red from the sun....watching a hunting video.

Last weekend we pulled all the fish out of the freezer and thawed it, then Dan grilled it for supper! :)

Teaching Danny how it's done~

Grilled in butter, with lemon juice and lemon-pepper seasoning all over! :) Mmmmm!!

The guys had fun tussling in the grass in between flipping the fish! :) This stage with the kids is so much fun....and so challenging! I am learning that prayer for wisdom is very much needed! :)

Some of my flowers on the porch....they are all looking a little sad, with this relentless heat we've been having!

Dan just could NOT wait for the fish to be done. He thought about taking a bite of raw fish.....Ok, not really. That's just gross! ;)

That was some yummy catfish and bream :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


The last two days I was at Convention, Dan was sick. He started feeling bad Friday night (which was also his birthday!!). He picked the children up at their "sitters" and pretty much all day Saturday he was in bed and not feeling well....flu like stuff with fever and chills! :P

Well, Friday night, he had got a flat tire. When he got home from picking up the kids, Danny said, Dad, your tire is he had drove over a knife blade! :( He knew the tire had to be taken care of , but he was not up to it, so he loosened the lugs and had Danny put the spare on.

He had off work till Tuesday, because of Memorial Day, so on Monday they plugged the tire and Danny put it back on again. By Noon Monday Dan was feeling pretty much back to normal. We were just so proud of Danny and Tamara and all the hard work they did while Dan was down! So, Monday night we all went fishing as a treat to the kids for their hard work!

Danny's got a line in while Tamara watches....she had already caught 2 till I got over to the pond with my camera.

Dan waiting for a bite.....

Another nice sized catfish for Tamara! :)

I threw a line in and caught a nice catfish. I was holding it up for Dan to take a picture and the hook busted! :O So he took a picture of it beside my foot, so you can tell its size. I wear a size 11 shoe! ;)

Then soon I caught another one! And right before he got THAT picture, the line broke! Heehee!! What's up with that?
It was an enjoyable evening and we caught a nice amount of catfish and bream. Stayed tuned for pics of the eating!! :)

Florida Homeschool Convention

I was able to go along to Orlando for the Florida Home School Convention last weekend. We left early Wednesday morning and got to our hotel by early afternoon. We checked into our rooms and got ground floor rooms, but saw they were facing the parking lot. This hotel was a HUGE hotel with a beautiful atrium in the center of it all! We were hoping to get rooms facing the inside, which meant a porch or balcony! :) So two of the ladies went back and asked if we could switch rooms....and they LET US!! :) We got the 3 rooms right across the hall from where we had originally been! :) We were so happy!

After we got all settled in, we drove to Publix to buy food for the next few days. (It's cheaper than buying hotel food!) Then in the evening we decided to visit Downtown Disney.

Waiting for the valet to bring our van up....

Got to meet Woody! :) Made out of 100% pure LEGOS!! :)

A cool sea monster made out of LEGO's.

Posing with Mr. Potato Head :)

When we got back to the Hotel, us Mom's walked around to get a feel for the layout of the place, since we would be doing a lot of walking the next 3 days!

In the Convention Hall, they had a bunch of these Starbucks machines set up. Only $3.50 a could pay with a credit card or swipe your room key and add it to your tab! :O A lot of people drank some expensive coffee that weekend!
It sure was tempting! :)

Thursday, we went to the Leader's Forum, where they took time to talk about homeschool groups, listen to our questions and also had some motivational speakers.
We were served a very yummy lunch!!

Fish, Chicken and Veggies

The dessert was a chocolate mousse with cherries. The cherries tasted very strong, like they had been soaked in Vodka!! The district director from Region 2 was sitting at our table and the look on her face when she ate her first cherry was priceless!! :) We laughed with her. She did check with the hotel staff and they insisted that the cherries were soaked in dark chocolate!!?? Haha!!

Evenings were a fun time just hanging out and talking about curriculum, things we heard in workshops, or just other chit chat! :)

People, people everywhere!!

Friday night we went out to eat at Maggiano's. It was a very high class restaurant!! I had my first taste of squid, although they wouldn't tell me what it was till I ate it. Calamari just sounds so much more high class!! :)

This was the view from our porch.....a nice peaceful place to have devotions!

While we were taking pictures outside, we noticed an airplane writing in the sky! However, it was after this picture, and after these words floated away. So when I got home and put my pictures on the computer, I was surprised to see this.....

Kay, Robin, Emily and I. Denise W. also was there, but she went with her family this year, so we didn't see her as much.

This is the writing we watched the guy do....he also added 4 U at the end! :)

Another pic of the greenery and falls in the atrium. It was just SO beautiful! I wished I had someone to take pictures for! The wooden walkways, the rocks and the greenery would have made a neat backdrop!

The kids pool....

Inside the Vendor Hall. There were many, many rows like this!! And this picture is empty of people compared to what it normally looked like!

Trying to stuff everything into the van on the way home took a little bit of skill! :)

The back seat was full of sleeping, snoring children till we got home Saturday night! :)

Next year, I HOPE to take all the family along....they would have so much fun!