Friday, August 19, 2016

Summer Night at our House

Our neighbor man had hip replacement surgery last week and is in rehab right now. We have been wanting to build him a hand rail at his front steps. This seemed like a good time to get it done! :)


I got to sit and watch Dan work :) and as I was sitting, I had lots of photo opportunities! :)

Now, I'm one of those people who HATES spiders and can freak out over them pretty quickly, but this little guy was on the porch where we were working and he was intriguing to me! I don't like jumpy, fast spiders, and he wasn't that! In fact, I was even able to touch his leg and he barely moved.
He hung around the porch almost the whole time we were out there.

God's creation is amazing!!

Jonas (another neighbor) loaned us his post hole digger which made the job a whole lot easier!!

Snowball was out enjoying the toasty warm evening with us!

Digging the first hole.....

Digging the second hole.....

Measuring and cutting!

Placing the posts and filling in the dirt.....

Snowball was testing his balance skills! :)

The sky was pretty! This picture didn't show well, but the rays of the sun were shining up behind the trees! :)

Looking north across the back yard.

Almost done....cutting off the extra board on the top end.

Interesting, whispy clouds.

Snowball had just got done playing with a ball of dirt! :) He was being crazy!
When Dan started the saw he went flying through the fence and up the tree on the other side, but immediately came down and back over to us! I think he was putting on that he was scared! :D LOL!

The finished project!

Before                              and                            After

Thanks Dan!! You did a great job!!

Now, would you just seal it or paint it too? Stain?? Give me your opinion!

Friday, July 29, 2016


 I recently came to my blog to look for some pictures from a few years ago and noticed that my last post was in December. :O I was surprised. It didn't seem THAT long ago....

Life has a way of bringing changes and our priorities sometimes change as well.

But one thing I enjoy is being able to look back on my blog, as a sort of journal! Not making this a priority now will result in less memories later. Sure I have my pictures on my computer, but it would not be as easy for me to remember the details. Seeing how many months I missed, made me realize that I need to make this blog a priority again.
So just to bring us up to date a bit, I'll share some pics from earlier this month...

The beginning of July, we took a trip to PA for my nephew Neil's wedding...

We got to spend a week with family and friends and had a great time and made lots of memories. I would love to add more pictures, but loading them is making my computer freeze! :(

We had planned to designate 2 days on the way home to traveling and a little family time. After leaving Dad's on Monday morning, July 11th, we drove through Skyline Drive! It was so beautiful!! We drove about 65 of the 109 mile length. We may have went farther, but the brakes on the van were having trouble getting hot if we used them too much.

Here are just a few of the pics we took along Skyline Drive!!

A busy bee collecting pollen....

You know how, when you look back at photo albums when you were a little child and you remember that "old" vehicle that your family had. Well, I decided to take a picture of "Sally", so years down the road our kids can show their kids....."this is what we drove way back then" and the kids can gross out over it! :) :) Haha!!

Sally has been in our family now for 9 years and we are coming close to putting 200,000 miles on her! She turned over 230,000 on this trip!! :O She has been good to us and we hope she survives for awhile yet! :)

Isn't this gorgeous???

We stopped to stretch our legs and enjoy some delectable doughnuts from Dutchway Farm Market!! :)

Of course, we always have to take that one C*R*A*Z*Y one!!! :)

Instead of getting a motel that night, we went onto a website we had recently heard about, Airbnb and found a cute little cabin in Southern VA to rent for one night. It cost us the same as an average motel would have, but it was a unique experience in a cute, well stocked cabin! 

As we were getting near, I was reading the direction to Dan off the email confirmation he had got from the owner. As I was telling him where to turn next, I scanned the rest of the directions and at the very bottom it said something like WARNING: You will be required to drive through a small stream to get to the cabin!! :O I about panicked!! ;) We have a hitch receiver on our van that is really low and it's so easy to scrape with just a small bump! I was a little nervous, but my Mr. Steady convinced me we would be ok! ;) We did scrape a little, but it wasn't bad! And the stream wasn't quite as big as I imagined! :)

We loved the cabin and I wished we had been able to stay there a week!! Sounds like the pure relaxation Dan and I could use! :) Maybe we'll be back one day!??