Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a week so far!! Monday I did a lot of wash and tried to recuperate from a weekend in GA. I have graduation pictures to share sometime.

Monday night when I laid down to go to sleep, my one tooth that has been giving me a little trouble on and off, started throbbing. I could NOT go to sleep. I tried to figure out what I could take to help, and really wanted some immediate relief, so I got the bottle of Chloraseptic throat spray from the medicine cabinet and put some on a Q-tip and rubbed it all around my problem tooth. That helped for a little bit, but not long enough for me to fall asleep :P So I got up and did it again and then I was able to sleep. I had also taken a Tylenol PM, so that may have helped, too! :)

Tuesday morning I called the dentist right away. I knew I didn't want to spend another night in that kind of pain!! I was able to get in at 11 AM and he ended up extracting the tooth, which already had a medicine filling put in to try to save it. It was either an extraction for $89 or a root canal for $1,000+
The tooth was gigantic! I wish so bad I had asked to bring it home!! The roots were wider than the top, so I guess that explains why my gums are still swollen! Ouch!!
I spent the rest of the day taking lots of Ibuprofen and Tylenol (except I accidentally took another Tylenol PM, which explained why I got a good nap in too!!) ;)

In the PM, we had our last Parent Planning Meeting for the '10-'11 year with our homeschool group. Speaking of which, I still need to enter my notes in our Google doc! *sigh*

The children have been enjoying quite a bit of this lately! :)

Wednesday I needed to ship some things I sold on Ebay and we also got some groceries. While we were in town, I remembered that I wanted to stop at the produce stand to see when/if they would be getting green beans in. I didn't want to miss another year of canning beans!!
They had a bushel there ready, so I took them. Had I stopped to think a little I would have left them there!
#1. This was NOT a good week for doing beans. I am trying to go through stuff yet for my friend Emily's yard sale on Saturday and the house is a mess!!
#2. I am still suffering from the after effects of the tooth extraction.
#3. It's really hard to do a big project like that when your kitchen is messy already!
#4. They were going to be getting the kind I REALLY wanted NEXT WEEK!! :P

So, last night I decided to make a pot of fresh beans for supper......come to discover, these beans are a nightmare!! They had these nasty hard strings down both sides!! Yuck! We were picking strings out of our mouth's all through supper! :( Gross, I know!

So cutting the ends off and cutting them up today was no better.....we had to pull all these strings off and that was no easy chore! I'm sure we missed some! BUT, I need to give my kids big Kudos!! They helped with NO complaining! (better than their Mom's endless muttering!!) and we got the job done....21 quarts to be exact! :)

One of our $2 Magnolia trees we got at Big Lots has 2 buds on and the one opened this week!! :) So pretty and they smell mmmmm!! good! ;)

Still little, but doing great things! :)

Oh, yeh!! The beans! :) I am so thankful it was a beautiful and cooler day. We worked outside, partly because of the messy kitchen and partly just to enjoy the outdoors, which we don't do often enough!!

Danny is more thorough, which means it takes him he likes to goof off a little here and there! :)

Tamara probably did twice the amount he did (or more), but I bet there were more strings found on hers! :) I love how my kids have such unique personalities!! :) Makes life interesting!!

And this lady, well, she plugged away till they were all done! :) And she is happy tonight to have that job out of the way!!

One other thing that made my day......Danny is my early riser. When he gets up, he does his Bible reading and then he is SUPPOSED to get dressed and get breakfast, so he's ready to start school. Well, some mornings he gets sidetracked on the computer (he uses YouVersion to read his Bible online) and so this morning all was quiet and I knew he had to be done reading. I went to the living room prepared to fuss at him for being on the computer instead of getting his day going.

And guess what? He was sitting there on the sofa studiously doing his Math lesson! Made this Momma's heart so proud! I love seeing signs of maturity and responsibility!! :)
And what's more amazing....he did 2 math lessons and his writing by 9 AM!! :) I know every day won't go like this, but I will bask in the ones that do! :)

That's all for tonight....a full day ahead, I better get some sleep! Good night~

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