Monday, July 16, 2012

An Accomplishment

Over the past few years, I have pulled out my wedding dress from time to time, just to see if it would fit! I was determined that one day I would wear it again!! I don't remember for sure if I wore it on our first anniversary, but I KNOW that I haven't been able to wear it since then!

So, since last week was our anniversary, I decided to get it out and try it again! :) fit! :) Granted, my body is not quite the same shape it was back in 1996. Having babies will do that to you! ;) 
But, I am thrilled to reach this big goal in my life! :) 

{Dan thought I should do the hair puff too! ;) Haha...not sure I can pull that off anymore!}

And yes, I still have my bouquet although it is missing a few flowers and is looking a little worn. :)

I love this man! <3 He's such a sport for going along with this picture taking in the middle of a Sunday afternoon! :)
Props to Danny for taking the pictures! :)

So, now my next goal is to weigh LESS than I did when we got married, which I'm not sure how I will judge that, because I don't remember exactly what I weighed, although I have a good idea!
 Dan says that I wouldn't tell him how much I weighed when we got married, so he can't help me out there! ;)
I remember being embarrassed about how much I weighed, but what did I think....that he would love me less if he knew!?? :P So young, I was!

{I love seeing him come home every day. I am so blessed to have a faithful husband!!}


This morning I woke up at 4 AM. My back was hurting and no position was comfortable, so after tossing and disturbing Dan's sleep for 30 minutes, I finally got out of bed and tried the recliner in the living room. That didn't help much, so I took an Excedrin Back and Body and tried again. {My muscles in my back are so tight!!} I just couldn't fall asleep, so I got up, grabbed my tablet with my "to-do" list for this week, listened to my daily Bible reading on my I-pod and folded a load of laundry left from Saturday! Then I packed Dan's lunch, made him coffee and took him breakfast. 

Yeh, by that time his alarm had went and he was up and getting ready for work.

I've been having a lot of trouble lately....either with falling asleep or waking during the night and not being able to go back to sleep. And I'm not caught up on sleep either! :P I don't know if this is just a part of getting older, or what the deal is?


I am really excited that the kids and I have the opportunity to go see my family in PA this week, but I am going to miss my hubby so much!! :( I think he is kind of looking forward to having some alone time, though, so that makes it a little easier to leave him! He's says a guy needs about 1 week a year to himself, so I guess this is his week! :)

The guys serviced the van for me on Saturday, so it's ready for the trip. Danny checked all the fluid levels and the tire pressure, and they both washed it while I cleaned the inside!

So, today we tackle the rest of the list and hope to only leave the packing for tomorrow....we'll see how that goes! :)


  1. Way to go on fitting back in your wedding dress! I hope I can eventually. I couldn't on our first anniversary because I had a 6 week? old. =] I had a cream colored dress I wore different anniversaries, cuz the years I tried my actual dress on, i couldn't get it buttoned in the back. =] One day! I remember what I weighed because I caught a virus the month before our wedding, that took a week to shake and my SIL, who was making my dress kept fussing at me to stop losing weight so she could have this dress fitted right!

    If a man needs a week a year, Vernon's partial week is coming up! The children and I are making a trip back to Albany/Meigs here soon, before school starts!
    Enjoy your trip and your company! =]

  2. Wow, what an accomplishment to be able to wear your wedding dress again!! Good for you! I doubt I'll ever wear mine again because I only weighed a little over 100 pounds!ha! (and I thought I was fat then, too!) Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Way to go Twila!! You inspire me! --Jolene

  4. Way to Go! what a fun way to measure your weigh loss success. My wedding dress is in storage at my in-laws. I need to get it back before our anniversary in Aug. since I'm not preg or nursing I might actually be able to wear it this year. The "recreate the puff" idea made me laugh. For some reason I guessed you to be older (I guess because your youngest is the same age as my oldest) but in reality we must not be tooo far apart. We celebrate 13 this year.
    I think from one of your comments on my post you're heading my way. Hope you have a great trip!