Thursday, July 7, 2011

Henry Family Camping

Last weekend was a weekend that our family was looking forward to for the last few months! We would hear things like, "how many more weeks?", "which night is the Braves game?", "can I take {this or that} along?"...... Till last Monday, excitement was running high...this was finally THE week! :)

A big thanks to Sam & Katrina for lining up a campground and just organizing the weekend!!

We had some friends who needed a more dependable vehicle to take a needed trip north, but we needed our van for the trip. Only Thursday afternoon did Dan think about the idea that we could swap their truck for our van. [They have 5 kids, so the truck was not a possibility, and it was their VAN that was not working]. But the truck fit us perfectly and gave lots of hauling room!

After Dan got off work on Friday, he came home and I pretty much had everything ready to load on the truck. We were off by 4 PM, which converts to 5 Eastern time {since that was the time zone of our final destination}. We figured it would take a good 6 hours which would get us up to North GA around 11PM. The campground closed its gates at 10 PM.
When we got there, we called Pete, who was already in the campground and he came to the gate and we transferred as much of our stuff as we could to his truck. Then we let our truck sit in a parking lot outside the gate.

We had to set up our tent in the dark, but Pete and Esther were prepared and had the area all ready and well lit with a bright lantern. After getting all set up, we sat and visited for awhile. Tim and Miriam were also there.

This was our campsite taken from the camp road. It was a VERY NICE campground. Probably the only thing that would have made it nicer is if we didn't have to walk so far to the bath house. AND if it had been a little cooler. But I won't complain!!

During the first night, I woke up SO cold. It had been hot when we went to bed, so we didn't use any covers. And it really wasn't cold either, so I don't know what the deal is, but once I found a cover and snuggled under it and my teeth finally quit chattering, I was able to go back to sleep. The next two nights I slept wonderfully! :)

Saturday morning, Tamara and Kenan we up early and having fun playing with their American Girl dolls. They also kept the camp clean, by sweeping the steps and cleaning the light posts! :) This was only the second time they got to be together, but they seemed to hit it off well. (Kenan is Pete's daughter from his first marriage)

It was so good to spend time with Mara, our niece who just turned 1!

Sam & Katrina and their parents where coming Saturday morning around 10:30, so Dan and Esther were cooking hashbrowns in preparation for brunch when they got there.

Danny helped Uncle Pete make the fire to cook the sausages over.

Sausages are ready!!

Kenan organized "The Glorious Band" and they sang before each meal on Saturday.
Katrina played ?she was hitting 2 rocks together?, Kenan played the maraca's and Tamara played the drum. :)

Kenan and Tamara relaxing in Aunt Katrina's hammock. :)

Saturday afternoon we all went down to cool off in the lake, Lake Lanier. The water had lots of Mica and sticks and rocks in it. Very different from the sand we are used to at the beaches here!

Pete and Tim hanging out on the rocks.

Miriam and Mara. Mara loved the water!

Tamara and Grandpa being crazy! :)

Back at camp again, while the adults taught Pete how to play Rook, the kids played a game of "in a Pickle".

And Grandpa serenaded us with his harmonica playing! :)

Dan and I were in charge of supper Saturday night and since most of us were planning to go to an Atlanta Braves game, we ate a little early. We had a quick supper of subs and got everything cleaned up. Pete and Esther had to head home because he had church responsibilities the next day and Dad and Mom went home also, after spending the day with us.

The rest of us headed into Atlanta, about a 50 mile drive, for the game.

Tamara, Dan, Danny, Time, Miriam, Mara, Sam and Katrina about to enter Turner Stadium.

The kids had a grand time....especially watching David Ross hit a grand slam!! :)

This was our view from the nosebleed section. :) Not too bad!

The Braves won 5-4 against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a good game even though we had to evacuate the stands during a brief downpour! :)

The fireworks afterwards were awesome, too!

Sunday morning, Tim & Miriam made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. {I wonder if they have an app for that?} inside joke
Sam and Katrina took Danny and Tamara geo-caching after breakfast and Dan and I and Tim's went down by the lake to the little playground. Dan stayed in the truck and read while we took Mara to the swings.

Tim, Mim, and Mara Jade

We heard an awful crunch when a guy backed his truck up to his boat trailer and could tell by his slamming door, that he did some damage. The poor guy was having all kinds of troubles and getting madder and madder! :-/ Once he had his boat out of the water, he was taking his anger out by yelling at his wife....and we heard in the process that he did $1000 worth of damage! :( I felt sorry for's not like it was her fault. But he did provide us with some entertainment! ;)

Sam and Katrina made some awesome lasagna in the Dutch Oven for supper! Mmmm!!

And Danny enjoyed a cob of corn that Grandma left for us! :)

Mara was so entertained by her cob of corn that she didn't even mind Dan holding her! :) Lets just say, she loves her Momma very much! ;)

What a cutie! Love the red hair!

She had just learned to walk that week and was doing really well!

Monday morning we all tore down camp and packed up our stuff. Then we drove to the bigger playground to have some fun before we hit the road. It was down in a little hollow and not much breeze was felt down there, so we didn't stick around too long.

Took time for a picture of all of us.

And the guys tried out the slides, though they were a little hot to the legs! ;)

Watching the kids play! :)

Our sweet kids....they came home with many good memories and are looking forward to the "next time". :)

~Sam & Trina~

Headed south and got home around 5 PM. A good weekend!! :)

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