Tuesday, July 2, 2013

~Our Life~

 It's been awhile since I did much blogging, so I thought I'd share a few pictures of life in the past week or so...
The moon was so pretty last week over full moon. I thought it looked neat through the flowers on our crepe myrtles. Of course if I knew more about photography I could have figured out how to get focused on the moon. :)

This one turned out surprisingly well for not using a tripod.

This summer, Gulf CI is hosting two interns again. We had them over for the customary homemade pizza and Apples to Apples. :) It's always interesting meeting these young guys and hearing about where they are from, their families and their goals! :) 

One of Danny's summer jobs....keeping the pool clean! :)

One afternoon as a storm was approaching I sat on the porch and noticed this odd cloud. I think it's what they call a wall cloud!?? It moved fast...

More stormy skies, but I took it for the crepe myrtle's. I love how they brighten up the landscape (and hide the shop next door)  :)

We spent a half hour one afternoon picking blueberries at a local patch. They are so sweet!
I love having fresh berries in my freezer..... make snacks like this! :) Blueberry cobbler with cinnamon cool whip! And of course, a cup of coffee! 

Sunday afternoon, there were storms rumbling around us. I noticed out my bedroom window that the sun wash shining, but it was really dark to the east. That is usually a sign there might be a rainbow. As I stepped out on the porch to check, I saw that there was a light mist looked so beautiful! 

And sure enough, there was the rainbow!! It was actually a double, but the second one didn't show up well on my pics! :P

So then I called Dan and Tamara out and we had to take some pictures under the rainbow! :)

Sunday was an interesting day. Let me back up to one day last week. 
Chaplain Kleiser, who works at a prison 30 minutes north of here, is retiring in a week. They had a retirement party for him and since Dan's boss couldn't go, he asked Dan to go to represent Gulf CI chaplains. Chaplain Kleiser is taking on a church  {Providence Baptist} now that he is retiring and he invited us to come visit. Well, Sunday was the 5th Sunday and it was a good opportunity for us to go, since neither of us had responsibilities at our church.

The older I get, the less I mind going to new places {churches} but I still don't love being the "stranger"! When we got to the church, the first person we see is out UPS driver! :) Then the hostess took us to our SS room. It was a young couples class and we were the first ones in the room, other than the teacher (and we were late!) Everyone was real friendly as they came to class and made introductions! And then wouldn't you know, but in walks Jonn and Anh Darbyshire. Jonn is another volunteer chaplain under GEMS and also worked for Chaplain Kleiser at ACI. 
Jonn and Anh have a son and daughter close to our kids ages, so I knew our kids were probably thrilled that someone they knew showed up!! :)

We enjoyed the service and stayed for their noon meal of burgers and hot dogs and much more scrumptious food!! :) {I think they rival the Mennonites in cooking!!} :)

When we were about to leave, Jonn told us that he and his son were going fishing in Appalachicola, by the gulf, on Monday and they wanted to know if Danny could just spend the night with them and go fishing with them the next day. So they brought him home to get clothes and off he went.

It was a quiet Sunday and Monday with him gone....not that he makes a lot of noise! :)
Turns out, after fishing he went back to their place and spent last night there too. Sometime this afternoon I will meet Anh and pick him up! They live about 40 min. east of us!!
 I'm sure he's having lots of fun, but I am starting to miss him! :) I can't imagine how it will be next year if he goes on a Teen Missions trip, like he is hoping to!!

Life is great, and God's been good!! :)

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