Monday, October 4, 2010

Today was a most gorgeous day!! Blue skies, sunny and a high in the 70's!! :) A perfect day for working outside....after the school work was all done!

This is the bush that needed my attention....not that any other's didn't. But the vine growing in it was going to cause a problem soon!! It was growing in behind the shutter and had the potential to eventually mess it up!

My trusty sidekick...Mocha! :)

Oh, yeh....the kids were good helpers, too!! :) As I trimmed, we pulled vines out of the shrub....this one particular vine, I pulled and pulled. It started in the shrub I was working on and went underground and came up in the one next to was LONG!! We measured it for proof... 20 ft. 5 inches long! :O The kids are each holding one end.

Found a praying mantis ....

So, here is the before.....

...and the after! :) Do you think it will grow back??

In the process of trimming, I got one bee sting and we saw a nice large banana spider! I can't believe I didn't take a picture of it. The spider, that is!

During supper tonight, our new kitty just thought she had to get as close as possible. I couldn't believe it, but she climbed the chain link fence and was looking in the kitchen window....trying to figure out where her peeps were, I guess! She is a very social being!

Yup, it's Fall!! The pumpkins came from Ag Adventure Day....each of the kids got to bring one home....and I can never leave Mums at the store! :P These actually came in somewhat pretty pots!

We spent a little time outdoors right after supper, playing with the animals.....the sky was beginning to show its nightly beauty!

Dan bought Mocha a rubber "mini tire" to chew on. He needs tough stuff he can't rip up and this looked like the perfect toy!
He loves when you throw it for him and anytime you step outside, he will bring it and lay it at your feet in anticipation of a fun time!! :)

(Love this picture....captured him in mid-air!) :)

Bringing it back just to chase it again!! :)

Well, guess what....our dog must be part super-dog because he is tearing that tire to is tough stuff....even has the threads woven in it!! :O

Got to spend time with the cat know they feel left out pretty quickly! ;)

I am going to take you along on my walk tonight.....leaving our driveway, turning left (east)....

I tried to keep my eyes open for beauty in the "dullness" of the fall browns.....
This is what I found....

Some would say this is beauty....I don't know. But I do know they are smelly! :) And they like to make lots of painful sounding noises in the night. :)

Then it was time to turn around and head back...

I decided not to post the pic I took of the bar at the end of our road, but here is the kind of proof, scattered all along our road!
Okay, so this isn't "bar goods"....

....but I do believe this is a Bud Light. :P

As I was getting closer to home, it was getting dark and I saw this figure jogging toward me (right after I snapped the pic of the Bud can) I thought it was probably my neighbor lady and thought she is probably wondering why in the world I am taking pictures of trash along the road! :)

Turns out, it was my Danny boy! He came to join me for the rest of my walk, decked out in 2 pair of pants, a sweat shirt and gloves!! :) Is it really that cold?? :D

Walking in front of our house, again, where Tamara sits on the porch, waiting patiently for our return! :)

Yup, tomorrow is garbage day, so these can's dot our street!

We walked out the other way, toward the west, and enjoyed the pretty sky and the bright planets and stars that were showing their faces!

I love my son...

Then there is always time to be crazy!! :)

As we approached our driveway....our protector met us, once again. He inspected us with his laser eyes and after sensing we were one of "his", he welcomed us back home again! :D

Thanks for taking a walk with me (us). :) You're welcome any time!!

I was able to set up a consultation appointment for Dan today for his upcoming today's prior post for more info.
I also proceeded to allow a virus to attack my computer! :( BUT, I learned a few things from it, and my awesome hubby was able to fix it tonight when he got home. So, yeh, never let an outside source, that is not your virus protection company, tell you that your computer has a virus (or 41 of them to be exact) and that you need to download their program to take care of dumb can I be?? It just looked so "real"!! Arrgghhh!!

A parting shot....Danny and Smokey.


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  1. Thank you for taking us on your walk... it was lovely! :-)
    Your bush trimming looks great!
    I've been loving this cooler weather too! I just can't spend a whole lot of time outside because of all the ragweed blooming...

    Aw! Your kitten is so cute! Would she like a playmate?? We have one female in particular that I think Tamara would love... she is mostly black with white markings and she is SO fluffy! We’ll even let you have her for a discounted price... uh, how does free sound?!! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!!