Monday, August 26, 2013

Last Week Recap

Friday, a week and a half ago, was the date of a huge accomplishment in our family!

Dan finished his last class of many, many classes taken over the last 6-7 years! The class ended with him having to write a large paper....these are some of the books he used as resources! He was so happy to be done and even more thrilled to get a 96% on the paper!! :) Over the years, there were many times he worried and stressed that he would get a bad grade, especially on papers. It got to the point where I would just snicker whenever he voiced his worry.....he nearly always got super good scores on the ones he worried the most about!! :)

Just this morning he sent me a happy message that he got his final grades and has a 98% average on the class!! That means he maintained his 4.0 GPA the whole way through those 6 (almost 7) years of online school! Wow...I have an amazing husband. I am so proud of him and so happy for the relief he feels that he is DONE!
All the books got put back on their shelves, his little study area in the kitchen got cleaned up.....oh yeh! :) Now I can pull out my long overdue honey-do lists!! :) Just kidding!

(Excuse the quality...a few of these pics were taken off my Ipod)
We celebrated by taking the family out to a Mexican restaurant in Marianna that we had never eaten at before.

Food & Fellowship night with our small group, Sunday night...Ms. Julya was enjoying a candied apple slice.

Monday, August 19, was the first day back to school for the kids. Danny is a sophomore this year and Tamara is in 7th grade. I am looking forward to another good year of studies! :)

Danny had made coffee for us to enjoy while we did school/book work on Tuesday.

We've been having LOTS of rain....over 38 inches since the beginning of June!!

Back to School Bash on Friday, with the Homeschool group at Tallahassee Skate Inn

Doing the conga line....
Danny, Dylan, Preston, Victoria, Baylee and Kayla

Lunch Time

Dan and his little friend, JuJu

The group minus a few families that had to leave early.

After the rollerskating party we did a little shopping. Dan was trying to decide if a green handkerchief would look good on his head. He and Danny were being silly and cracking up and I caught it on camera! :) Heehee!
I love my boys! :)

Bridal Shower for Susan Drawbond on Saturday morning.
The happy bride to be filling her plate with yumminess! :)

The little girls gathered around to watch her open the gifts...maybe dreaming of the day it will be their turn!?? 

Susan, her sister Beth and good friend Ashleigh

Thursday, August 15, 2013


So proud of my hubby....what began as a journey through college, back in October 2006, is finally over!
He just submitted his final paper!! :) WooHoo!! :)

Now praying that God will show us where to go from here! 
He's been faithful!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

VBS 2013~ Day 4

Not as many pics from last night. I took individual pics of the children to send home with them tonight.

Nancy and Ruth....craft leaders and friends!! 

Ian & Isaac

This was the craft they made....Toby wanted me to take a picture of his! :)

And here he is with it... :)

Jayanna and Bear

Closing assembly....the kids got shirts, thanks to a generous friend!!

Skit time again...

The evil queen fainted!!

Scott closed the evening with announcements and prayer!

So, tonight is the last night....already?? 
I have Butterfinger bars baking in the oven for a snack in the Parent's Cafe. Come join us!!

VBS 2013~ Day 3

Pics from Wednesday night....

Craft time...

...this was a noisy night. The kids hammered nails into tin, to make a tin-punched "shield of righteousness".
I think they enjoyed it very much!!

It's been so hot and humid that water play is one of the favorites for game time!!

More crafts~

I stepped into the little kids class to see what they were up to. Looks like they are enjoying the castle and tunnels that Yolie built!!

Barrett showing his shield. He was well prepared for a fight! :)

The Parent's Cafe....kind of ironic, seeing there is only 1 parent in the room! :)

The 5-7 year olds craft time.

Ruth is the craft teacher....she has lots of helpers!

Heidi and the Tobster!

Skit time...
...those rowdy princes!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

VBS 2013- Day 2

The alligator's are swimming in the mote, waiting..... :)

This is the 3 & 4 year old's "play room" castle.

Tamara and Darla

Toby and his "sword". He's my little buddy this week!
 He keeps me entertained as I get the coffee and snacks set up! :) 

Toby's big sister, Maria :)

We have to get there early each night since Danny is running the sound effects for skit and has to be there when they practice. Tamara passes the time in the library, reading.

Scott and Kay counting the offering and rolling coins. The boys and girls can put pennies in each other's jars to subtract from each other's totals. :) There are lots of pennies!! :) It becomes a fierce competition! The offering this year is again going to help send Haitian kids to school.

Scott & Amy <3



The kids had water gun battles.
Even the photographer isn't safe out there.....

...and even teacher's threaten! :)

 The kids love Bear. He does a super job every year, with the games!!


Fruit slushies!!

Josh and Angie do a great job preparing and serving the snacks!!

Artistic Rocky makes an offering/attendance chart!

~ Parent's Cafe ~

 Faith, Julya and Audrey 

The 3 & 4 year olds having a relay race.

~Skit time~

Prince Robert and Prince Richard, the naughty, trouble-making brothers, who Sir Gavin is trying to teach!

Spraying each other with water guns....that the Fed Ex guy delivered by accident.
Wait!! Fed Ex in Medieval Times?? No wonder they didn't know what a "dude" or a GPS was!! :D

The evil Queen and her helper arrive at the castle. The Matron, Ida, is a little skeptical about letting them in, for good reason!

Sir Gavin shows up....

It's been good. The attendance for ages 3-12 was 57 last night, I think. A few more than Monday night.