Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick Trip

We left the house yesterday morning and drove to Tallahassee. We had two items to return, one to Hobby Lobby and one to Walmart and did just a bit of very necessary (and fast) shopping. We also went to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital to visit our pastor, Ivan Nissley, who had  surgery on Thursday to open a clogged artery in his neck. It was good to hear he would be released last evening!! We pray that he is feeling much better now!!

From there, we went by the fairgrounds were we were planning to have a food stand at an auction today! Got to meet the man in charge of it all and drop off a bunch of our supplies.

From there, we headed up to my sis in Camilla. Had an enjoyable evening outside, making mountain pies for supper and chatting till the mosquito's drove us inside! :)

The kids waiting impatiently for supper! :)

Mountain Pies! Yum!!! :)
(The camper in the background was our "home" for the night.)

Two of my fun nieces! Crazy might be more like it! :)
Watching them makes me wish Tamara had a sister. I know how much fun she is missing in that area, since I grew up with 5 of them! :)

This morning we got up at 6:30 (EST) and made our way to the Thomasville Georgia Exchange Club Fairgrounds. We got there and set up the coffee and muffins and got the hot dogs and chili warming up!

This is the story behind this venture. Our friends, AT & Traci Peyton, have friends Dan & Sue. Dan is an auctioneer and this was his first auction to do on his own. He wanted a food vendor there, and mentioned it to the Peyton's who thought of us. We agreed and so here we were......

Danny, ready to serve, with Trulie as his sidekick! :)

Dan and A.T. excited for the day! :)

Tamara, Laney and Izzabelle chatting in the corner. Seemed they had lots to talk about! It was great they had each other to keep them company! :)

 Mr. Dan had some quality products, household items, tools, etc. Some people got some great bargains today!! 
Even though we were there to do food, I got a nice 10 qt. Farberware stock pot for $10 and a Juicer for $12.50!! Happy me!! Now I need some good "juicing" recipes!

Dan was also thrilled to be able to get an air compressor. Ours had given out and he's been looking at them for some time, so I was happy he got one and at a steal! :)

This is a pic from their facebook page which shows the tables full of items for sale!

We came home with lots of leftover hot dogs, buns and chili, but it was a really good day and we enjoyed doing something different and making new friends! We might actually consider doing it again! I think we learned a few things for "next time" too! :)
 A big thank you to A.T. & Traci Peyton and Dan & Sue for all the ways you blessed our family!! Wow, we are so grateful!! 


Tonight after we got home and unpacked, it was down to business for Dan. He had ordered a new catalytic converter for his Jeep a few weeks ago and never had a good chance to replace it. I was a little concerned what we would do if he ran into problems and couldn't get it done by bed time, because he has to go preach in the prison tomorrow and the kids and I need a vehicle to get to church. He was sure he would be able to get it done. He and Danny got to it and things were going well till he realized the parts store gave him an O2 sensor for a Dodge, not a Jeep!! :( That was a part that they had to order, so we were afraid they wouldn't have the right one in stock....but they did! :) He just got it all done and took the Jeep for a test ride. 
I am so thankful that my man is able to fix problems like that and can save us labor costs!!

While they were working on that project, I worked at putting things away. I'm still not quite done, but I needed a break! I also washed the van tonight. Imagine this.....this was the 2nd time I washed it in 1 week! Definitely a record!! :) But it needed it after being driven down dusty dirt roads and covered in pollen!! It looked more yellow than blue! :)

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