Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Snapshots of Life

I've been realizing that I am slacking on doing blog posts. I'm not sure why? Life is busy, but I think my priorities moved and I'm not sure if that's good or not? 

This morning I took some time while the kids were doing school to catch up on some of the blogs I read. It made me want to get back in the groove. I really enjoy the nuggets I read on other's blogs and sometimes feel like mine are so shallow. But sometimes, I am ready for "shallow". It seems that God has been working in our lives {Dan & myself} and growing is painful at times! Pain is not usually enjoyed in the moment, but later we can see how it is necessary.

Our rose bushes were very prolific a few weeks ago. While most of the first flowers faded and dropped, there are more buds coming! :)

We SO enjoyed having Pete, Esther & Kenan and Miriam & Mara {Dan's sisters} here with us for a few days 2 weeks ago. This was the most time we've got to spend with Mara since she was born and I was happy that she took to us so well. Miriam said she talks about Dan and Danny a lot since they are back home! :) We miss her. She is such a cutie!! :)

Hiking at Torreya State Park

A small water fall we walked to.

Pete taught Danny how to start a fire with lint and a flint lighter.

Cutting veggies for Hobo's one night.

~A day at the beach~

It won't be long till the books will not have to follow Dan everywhere he goes!! :)
Graduation is right around the corner!! {May 12, in Lynchburg, VA} I think I could write a whole post about that, too. I am ready to be done with the planning of that trip and just get on with it, but I know it will be here very, very soon! :)
 He will still have 1 or 2 classes to take after graduation, but then that will be IT!

My men buried in the sand....see their frilly hats? 

Kenan with her daddy after he rose out of his sandy grave! ;)

Seafood supper at Parramore's Too!! Mmmmm!!

Henry cousins!

Bike rides....


This is the 3rd year that we participated in a casual Passover celebration. It is a neat tradition....I don't think I ever really knew the significance of the Passover feast in Bible times. 
 This year 7 families participated.

One of the seder plates~

The girls....

And the boys....

A wonderful family we know blessed Danny with a 4-wheeler. It runs, but needs some TLC. On Monday, he washed it and got it looking much better! Last night, they hooked up our trailer and as Danny was pulling it around to the front yard, he sideswiped the bumper on my van and left two nice crinkle marks! :(  I guess that's life.....learning and teaching as we go!

Our exterminator sold the pest control part of his business to another company. They called this week to see if they could come out and was time....I saw a roach or two in the past couple weeks!
On Monday, we had a swarm of termites outside our house....I mean, a HUGE swarm. I don't know where they came from? Later, after they left, I was outside and saw all these wings in the hole of our front yard tree. Then I got to thinking.....this tree is not getting leaves like other years. In fact, we cut a large branch off the one side just last week that was completely dead. 
SO, when the exterminator came on Tues., I had him take a look at it and he confirmed me fear.....the tree is infested with termites!! :( {This is our only nice shade tree, and when you live in FL, shade is coveted!!}
***just hoping our house is not infested!! :P I think we would be wise to have it checked!***

Two little green anoles were helping themselves to the termites that landed on the porch! :) I was trying to capture them eating some, but instead I got anole flirting with the other!! :)

So much is going on with other people right now!!
Our dear friend Scott Cloud has just been diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. The prognosis for that type of cancer is not good and they have a low success rate with radiation! 

Also, my BIL, Phil Bergey is in the hospital with pneumonia and a blood infection. He will hopefully be able to come home tomorrow  or Friday, but he will have to have an IV for 2 weeks. His wife, Gina {my youngest sister} has been sick, as well as their 4 oldest kids. They all seem to be doing better, thankfully. Their oldest, Koltin, had a seizure last week while he was sick! :( 

Sometimes we wonder why some people are just bombarded with the bad stuff!?? I know, we are not God and cannot see the big picture, like He can! I need to trust and just be there the best I can for those who are hurting, so maybe one day if it's my turn, I can also receive that kind of care!! :/

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  1. Twila, I love when you share your life with us, even though you think your blogs are shallow. They are personal, honest and real! Thanks for that! Keep 'em up! :)