Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Project 365 ~February 16-22

February 16

We got to church Sunday morning and were surprised to see a music group was all set up to play! The Herrlinger Family stopped by on their way through the area. It was unplanned, but we are flexible! :) Very much enjoyed it! The girls did awesome on this violin medley!!
We even invited them to stay and share again during the evening program!

February 17

After a morning of school studies, the kids and I cleaned up the open area of our garage! It was getting messy and needed to be swept! We filled two garbage cans, one with burnable junk and one with other stuff! It felt so good to have that done!
Danny pulling his 4-wheeler back into the garage....with Tamara on it! Not sure why he didn't just start it up. Seems that would have been easier! Maybe this was his strength training for the day! :)

Same day....

Tamara shocked me when she told me that she would like to walk our road every day (1 mile). This same girl who would drag her feet anytime we even mentioned the word "exercise"!! I wouldn't let an opportunity like this slip away!! It's good for her and I!

February 18

GEMS (Gospel Express Ministries South) board meeting! Great group of people to work with!
We are in the middle of planning two Ladies Tea fundraiser's. One will be held in Tallahassee, and another in Grand Ridge! 

February 19

A beautiful day for a walk....and this is what we saw!

February 20

Look what is in our fridge!!! :)

February 21

Cleason Martin, a friend from PA, and the one responsible for bringing us that log of Lebanon Bologna above, came and spent the morning and had lunch with us! It was nice that Dan had off work that day so they could visit. Cleason is here to do some seminars in the local prisons.

February 22

We were invited to Evan Hunter's 16th birthday party! The boys had air soft wars all afternoon and evening!
Stopped a moment for supper! :)

The girls played a game of Monopoly, while the adults visited! (no pic) :)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project 365 ~ February 1-15

February 1
The guys were out hunting, so Tamara and I met my sister Chris and her daughter Heidi in Tallahassee for a day of shopping!! :) We don't do it nearly often enough, in my opinion :) We had a fun day.
 Heidi had just got her Driver's Permit and drove part of the way to meet us! :)

February 2
Our house with a beautiful pink eastern horizon at night! The west was also pink!!
The back, left addition on the house is an apartment. Another of the volunteer chaplains, an older single man, lives there. He has lived here longer than we have.
Our house isn't as big as it looks! ;)

February 3
Aleshia Keene (Peachy Keene Photography) took a quick Valentine photo shoot of Dan and I.
I shot the shooter! :)

This was our "photobooth strip". Maybe I should find a better term for that! :P ;)

My favorite pic.....

February 4
Our yard was just full of Robins!! I guess spring is on the way! :)

February 5
I had two helpers to clean the kids bedrooms today!! :D They did good work!

February 6
Valentine's Snacks...

February 7
The younger kids in our homeschool group were having a Valentine's Party, so we invited the youth 12 and older to come spend the day at our house. We had homemade pizza for lunch, then they played games, shot BB and airsoft guns, made human pyramids and who know's what all else. For supper, we had hot dogs over the fire. It was a good day and I think all the kids had fun....they want to do it again, so I think that's proof! :)
Preston is a brave boy....and the girls were ready to catch him if he fell! :)

February 8
We hosted the 2nd Annual Widow's Banquet at church. This year, Carol Yoder enlisted the young girls to be servers! :)
Back: Darla Weeks, Tamara, Carmen Miller
Front: Kirsten Falb and Maria Weaver

February 9
Perfect Sunday afternoon activity.....started a 1,000 piece puzzle!

February 10
Danny helping me with some hard spots!

February 11
The puzzle was completed!! We all spent some time working at it throughout the day and in the evening Dan placed the very last piece in!! :) Now it's time to clean it up!

February 12
Took Dan to the Oral Surgeon to have a tooth removed that had a root that went out both directions! :P
This was the weather.....and it was a cold 37 degrees!!

February 13
The Panhandle Pioneer Settlement is looking to have some Jr. board members.
The kids who were applying were invited to their board meeting and had to share a little about themselves and why they would like to be involved.

The kids (front) and the board members (back)
There were two girls missing.

February 14
Dan and I chose not to go out this year. We had a family Valentine supper and spent the evening playing games! :) Fun memories!!

February 15
We were invited to a surprise birthday party for Scott Cloud. Less than 2 years ago, Scott was diagnosed with brain cancer. After being treated for months at Moffitt Cancer Center, Scott is cancer free! We are so thankful for how God has answered prayer and blessed their family!! :)

Scott, Amy and their kids Barrett and Audrey 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ministry Update

If you would like to follow my husband's blog with ministry updates, you can visit Yoking up with Jesus.

 Here is his latest blog post from tonight! :) Keep praying for our family. While his job and position changed a bit, we are still very much seeking His will, not just in the current prison work, but in ministering to our community! Thank you~

February 2014

January was a month of new beginnings. The first Chapel Service at Gadsden Reentry Center on Saturday, January 25, 2014 with 4 inmates attending. January has been a slow month in terms of chapel programs at Gadsden Reentry Center. Please pray for me that I will be patient with the start up process. It appears that I will have to learn some new processes for interacting with DOC since I am working as a contracted employee through the Unlimited Path, Inc. instead of a state employee.

Monthly numbers:
  • 2 Services with 13 total attending
  • Inmate Contacts (visitation in the dorm, work areas, and visiting park plus contact through services and programs) – 280
  • Interviews (orientation, religious, premarital, pre release, death and crisis notification) – 34
Please pray with us as we look for a more economical vehicle. The round trip every day is 90 miles. My Jeep gets about 20 mpg. I'm hoping for something that gets at least 30 mpg.

Most of all pray that I will not lose focus on the main objective - building His kingdom.

Thanks to all of you for your support of the ministry at GRC.

Dan Henry 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Project 365 Update for January

So I'm not doing well at posting my daily pics for Project 365! :P Not doing well at blogging P.E.R.I.O.D!
I'll see what I can do about that! :)

January 21
I had 4 trips to the dentist in 2 weeks time! I went for a cleaning and discovered I had 4 cavities (3 were just small, but still!)! :( The last visit, I jokingly asked my dentist if I get a discount for making so many visits in such a short time. When I went to pay they told me there was no charge!! :O I couldn't believe it!! I was so blessed!

January 22
Nothing ordinary about this day/night...just a normal day at home! Danny was watching a hunting video (one of his favorite past times), Tamara was enjoying a cup of coffee while reading a library book. And Dan was doing computer work for his job since he still doesn't have a computer AT work! :P

January 23
The Wissman family came to sing at our church! They are so talented!!

January 24
Our homeschool group took a field trip the Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida. Some of the kids did a workshop on fish dissection. After they were done, they did Japanese fish prints, known as gyotaku. They actually painted one side of the fish and then pressed paper over it to make a fish print. Very unique and cool! :) Kelly, center front, was a super teacher and very knowledgeable!

January 25
Dan and I celebrated 19 years since our first date....also at Pizza Hut! :) Just a different town in a different state! :)

January 26
A group of us ladies who went in to Gadsden Correctional Facility to participate in the Sunday evening service. 

January 27
The leaves on our crab apple tree are just NOW turning a brilliant red!! :) Craziness! This same tree gets very pretty white flowers in the spring....not too far off! :)

January 28
Tamara spotted a llama on our kitchen ceiling! Sadly, we have been having more trouble with a leaky roof (just in a different spot) and it left this mark! :) 

Side Note: If you know of a youth or church group that would like to sponsor a service project, this ministry house could use some work! Like repairing roof leaks and putting in new windows! I'm sure GEMS would be forever grateful, as would our family and the gentleman who lives in the apartment on the side of our house....and those who live in this house in the years to come! We have black mold growing on our windows and sills and I'm sure it's not healthy! :P Probably need the ducts cleaned out too!

January 29
A day that will be long remembered in the history of North Florida!!
We got sleet and freezing rain and maybe a few stray snow flakes, but it also shut down over 200 miles of interstate in the FL panhandle and many, many other roads and bridges!! I plan to do a post on this with more pictures! :)

January 30
Joann Nissley and I audited the church financial records in preparation for our church's annual business meeting that evening. :) All was well, and I couldn't ask to work with a sweeter lady!! :) Alma Nissley does a superb job of keeping the books for our church....very orderly!

January 31
I taught Tamara how to make home made bread! It turned out delicious! :) She said it was rewarding to eat her hard work! :) :) :)

I am going to try to post my February pictures and maybe do a few more in depth posts of some of the events of the past month! :) Thanks for reading along....