Monday, October 21, 2013

Running for the Bay ~Half Marathon

This weekend was the long awaited, long planned for, half marathon for Dan in Appalachicola.
We drove down Friday afternoon and checked in at the Sportsman's Lodge in Eastpoint, which I don't recommend, but it was an inexpensive bed and kitchen and bath. 

Let me paint a picture for you......we stayed in Eastpoint. If you travel west across a 5 mile bridge, you come to Appalachicola (where the marathon started). If you travel south from Eastpoint, across a 4 mile bridge, you come to St. George Island. :)
 Okay, here's a pic to give you a better visual (click on it to make it bigger)!!

 Dan had one last 4 mile run in his training, so we went across the bridge to St. George Island (SGI) and he ran on the bike trail.

While he was running, the kids and I took chairs down to the beach and enjoyed the bright moonlit night!!

One setting on my camera got some interesting and bright pics for as dark as it was. Almost looks like canvas! :)

Saturday we came back over to SGI and spent a few hours on the beach.

The guys took horseshoes along......

A sand crab eating at my apple core! :)

As we were packing up, the clouds were growing darker to our north and west!!

This was the outside of the lodge we stayed at.....don't you love how the trees are growing through the porch? 

 Back at the lodge, Dan and I enjoyed coffee on the deck while watching the rain come across the Bay!

Later in the day, it cleared up and we went into the town of Appalachicola to get Dan's race packet and to browse the shops. Cute town!!

Tamara outside "Tamara's Cafe"! :)

That evening we went to SGI, where my sister and her family are renting a beach house for a week. We got to enjoy a yummy supper of BJ's pizza and football! :)

Sunday morning, we were up at 4 AM, our time! Local time was 5 AM.

Sleepy eyed, yet excited for the day!!

This is the race map.....for the half marathon. (13.1 miles)
(The red dot is where the lodge was that we stayed at)

The runners had a most gorgeous sunrise to view on their way east across the bridge.

Pics of Dan along the way.....

Over half way done! :)

And then heading west, back across the bridge.
It was cloudy and cool, with a nice breeze coming off the Gulf...perfect running weather!!

He did it!!
Official time was 2:13:13. Not bad for his first time....and with the mistake he made a few weeks ago.
Dan gives blood every couple months at the prison. Well, a few weeks ago when it was time, he decided to donate double red blood cells. Well, on his next couple runs, he noticed he was having pain in his upper arms and chest and he couldn't seem to control his breathing as well. After some research, he discovered that giving double red blood cells was not a wise decision while training!! It depletes your oxygen supply!! :P But, we live and learn and each week he felt better.
So I think he should be pleased with his time!

Ben Hall, a fellow, local runner, captured this one! :) I love it!!

Loved this guys sign at the finish line! :)

So proud of my man....he has accomplished two of his dreams so far this year! :)
And thankful to West End Quick Pic for sponsoring the race day! 

Some of the A Case of the Runs group from the Blountstown area! A few had to leave before we could get the pic.
Dan, Ben & Brooke Hall, Heidi Stone, Jamey Shuler and Kim Stone.

Nice bling! :)

This was the hardest part of the run.....
*Photo credit goes to Ben Hall

After we checked out of our room, we spent the rest of the day with Dwayne & Chris, back on SGI!

Throwing football with the cousins!

Crazy sisters! :) :) :)

Tamara with her short cousin, Cody! :) Okay, so his legs are just buried in the sand! :)

Dwayne was enjoying fishing and caught a few small ones while we were sitting there....sounds like they had better luck today! :)

It was a fun it's back to reality again! :P

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding, Beach, Homecoming....

 This past weekend was the wedding of Cody Brown and Susan Drawbond.
Angela Yoder and I were asked to be the cooks (thanks to Emma Bontrager and Dorcas Swartzentruber for all the help preparing the food on Friday)
Friday we made the potatoes, icing'd the cupcakes, and got the tables set up for serving, among many other things!

Many hands helped with the decorating... 

It was a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding!!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Brown!! :)

The wedding was a busy time for our family.....Dan was the sound guy and MC at the reception, Danny was the videographer, and Tamara served cake and ice cream with her friend Darla.

After the wedding cleanup was wrapped up, we went home, changed clothes and took my nephew and his wife (she was the photographer for the wedding, Small Moment's Photography) to the beach so she could take our family pictures, and then we met up with the youth and some wedding guests for supper on the beach!

Eric is the master fire builder....using the card table to shield the wind till the fire got going good!

Beautiful sunset as usual!

Us and Javin's stayed at the beach till after dark chatting and enjoying the bright moonlight! We only met Vironica at their wedding last August, so it was good to learn to know her better! :)

Sunday was our church's 20 year Homecoming Celebration!

Eric & Yolie Miller and Jeremy Redmond and Amy Cloud blessed us with some nice quartet music!

Each family (past and present) got their picture taken....that way there are pictures for the NEXT 20 year celebration!! ;)

Our family <3

Some of the cute little kids! :)

Some of my friends, Amy Yoder (from MT), Dorcas Swartzentruber (from MO) and Shannon Ziesemer and Yolie Miller.

Yesterday morning was so lovely, though taking a picture through our cloudy bedroom window didn't do it justice!!
The low fog, the cows, and the water droplets on the clothes line were just beautiful!!

There is a slight sign of Fall in our backyard! :)
This tree started all on its own and is growing so fast. It started growing under our trampoline and we eventually had to move it. Now it is so tall already!!

Yesterday the kids were invited to spend the day at the beach with the Swartzentrubers before they head back to MO. That left me with a day to myself. On a whim, I texted my friend Amy to see if she was free to get some coffee and chat! She was!! :) Amy is from here but lives in MT now, so we don't get to see each other often.
 It was nice to reconnect a bit! :)
*bad Ipod pic*

This weekend we are looking forward to spending a little time with my sis and her family down at the beach and then Sunday morning Dan will be running in his first ever Half Marathon in Applachicola! :)