Friday, October 26, 2012

Hobos on a Fall Night

It was another beautiful fall day today, though it got a little warm! I think we had temps in the low 80's. But as the evening came and the sun set, it got cooler.

I know I've said it before, but I love this time of year!! :)

The moon is getting close to being full!

Dan started a fire for our {late} supper.

Waiting for the fire to make some nice HOT coals!

Fixin's for the hobo's....

Dan's before it was cooked....

And Tamara's....

Mine {Ma's} cooking over the coals...

This was my supper! Mmmm!!

And Dan's! We'll be making these again soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

SunBelt Ag Expo

Yesterday I took the kids to Moultrie, GA for the Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo. I'm glad we went yesterday instead of today as we had planned, because it is raining today (at least it is here)! That is too far to go to risk rain! :P

It was a cloudy, cool morning, perfect for walking around outside!

Danny enjoyed checking out this was just a model that was chopped in half at places so you could see how it all worked. I would ask him what different parts were and he knew most of them! I think he is turning into a gearhead!

The kids spent quite a bit of time "riding" equipment, tractors, mowers, ATV's and whatever they could get on! :)

I'm sure a little dreaming went on in their heads, too.....

especially with this one!! :) I could handle one of those.  :)

Tamara cracked me up! She loved the springy seats in the tractors and would sit in there and bounce to the music playing over the speakers. :) She was in her own little world till I got her attention for a picture! :)

Tamara and I liked the pink garden tractor! :)

I am thankful for these two blessings!! 

This large round bale of cotton could make over 1700 t-shirts! Amazing!!

Target practice

Face painting

The two ladies there did a great job! So detailed! Some of their creations were just amazing!

My flower girl :)

Here you can see how the clouds moved out and the sun shone......sunburn anyone? ;)

Alpaca's....this one seemed to enjoy sitting in front of the looked so funny, his hair was just blowing in the breeze! I should have taken a video! :)

A cute lil baby

On the way home we stopped at Walmart for a few groceries, and then I finished the day off by treating the kids to frappe's! :) We were gone from home almost 12 hours and I was so ready to be home. Squinting in the bright sun all afternoon gave me a headache and driving so far made me sleepy that time of day! But I"m glad we went! It's something they look forward to and we hadn't went last year! 

This coming Saturday is Goat Day here in Blountstown. It's another Fall event we look forward to every year! I think just knowing that the weather is getting cooler over this time, makes it more desirable! :) 

Happy Fall to you, whether it is still 90 degrees where you live, or you've seen your first snow blessed where you are! 

Applesauce Day

Board members, Merrill & Marie Detweiler were in Ohio last week to arrange for items to be delivered down here for the GEMS Annual Benefit Auction on Nov. 10. I asked them if they could bring back some apples for me to make sauce. I miss the crisp, fresh, delicious apples from the north!
 The place where they bought them gave them a good deal and threw in some extras! 

So this morning I got busy and made and froze some yummy applesauce. :)

I washed the apples.....

then cut off the stems and bottom ends.

Placed them in boiling water for a few minutes till they got soft.....

Then we ran them through the strainer. Danny was my helper. Tamara took a turn a time or two but I didn't get a picture of her.

When I helped my friend Angie make applesauce, I learned that if you ran the skins through a second time, you could get almost another cup of sauce off of them!! So that's what I did! Amazing~ It doesn't look appetizing, but it's just apples skins. :)

Fresh, hot applesauce!

Added a little sugar and cinnamon ....

mixed it up good.....

and put it in freezer boxes. :)

So thankful to have all that in my freezer! :)

Thanks Merrill & Marie, for blessing our family!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Day

I had a long to-do list today and I didn't accomplish it all. BUT, I did get the most important things done!
Here's a glimpse of my day~

Baked choc mint chip cookies and pumpkin choc chip cookies.

I used a little ice cream scoop to put the dough on the sheets. I didn't like they way they turned out...bigger than normal and more flat. :/

But they still taste Mmm, Mmm good! :) Some of these will be going with my kids to their cousins for the weekend! :)

I also canned 12 more quarts of boiled peanuts. 

Finished product~

When Dan came home from work, he was able to put the new muffler on his Jeep. So thankful that he can do stuff like that and save us repair shop fees!! Also thankful he was safe. I always pray that vehicles stay where they belong when they are up on ramps!

While he was working, I took my new camera outside to see what I could find to take pictures of! :) I know I posted a picture of the rose bush earlier, but I wanted to try the flower setting on my new camera. It works much better than my old one!! MUCH!!

Ugh! I hate these spiny orb weaver spiders. They show up this time of year and make lawn mowing more..... interesting. We have a row of crepe myrtles along the fence between our house and the neighbors shop. These spiders like to make webs between the trees and fence about at the height that your head would hit when on the riding mower!! So, if you are not paying attention, you will run through their webs....shiver!!

Today I took the rake along on the mower and knocked down at least 4 webs!! 
They ARE very unique looking spiders and are not harmful, but they sure look evil!

When I was taking pics of the roses, I noticed this strange orange bug....preying on a fly!

When I got too close, he backed up a bit. I don't know what it is??

Trying out some shots with the leaves and the sun! :)

~My fall flag~ 

Mums on the porch

Tonight Dan is doing his last sleep study. I am praying he gets a good night's sleep, but I know they will probably wake him up more since they'll be adjusting the c-pap machine to fit his needs. (If that's what they think he needs). We haven't heard any response from his first study two nights ago.

Well, I must try to go to sleep. We have a fun filled weekend ahead! :) Catch ya later!!