Thursday, August 23, 2012

ER Visit

Tuesday evening Dan did some mowing when he got home from work.
Later he decided to go for a run in town. Neither Danny or I felt like going running, so he went by himself.

When it was about time that he should be getting home, he called and told me that he had broke out in hives pretty bad and had taken Zyrtec, but since he was right near the hospital, he was going to sit in the ER parking lot to be sure he would be okay.
He has had hives episodes a number of times over the last few years. Only once before did he go to the ER and that was one of the first times, because it freaked him out.
But he sensed that this time was different.

About 5 minutes after he called me, I got a call from the ER nurse telling me that he was admitted and I needed to come. The kids were all ready for bed, so I let them stay at home and I zoomed off to town.

When I got there, the lady at the desk told me that Dan had come in to the ER waiting room and told them what was going on. She said not long after that, she could tell he wasn't doing good and she told him that he really needs to see a Dr. 
It didn't take much convincing, as he was feeling pretty rotten!

I had to wait about 10 min. to go see him, because they were doing an EKG, chest Xray and some blood work.
When I finally got to his room, he was shivering cold! He had been wearing an A shirt to run and they had cut that off of him, so his chest was bare and because he had been sweating, he was wet and the AC was turned up against! So I found a robe laying there and draped it over him. He fell asleep for a couple minutes till the Dr. came in to check on him.

His blood pressure had really dropped and his heart rate was elevated, so they gave him a dose of epinephrine, some benadryl and had him hooked up to an IV. About 9:40, they came and determined that he was stable and the hives were disappearing, so they released him.

We don't have any idea what is causing me, we've gone over it and over it in our minds!
I guess it's time to start a diary of foods, places, activities, times, etc! :P Hoping for some relief for my man!


Monday night Othello games in the living room :)

Katrina's mom, Mildred sent a paper bag full of rhubarb home with us. She had a lot in her garden!

Dan and the kids helped me cut it up late Monday evening. Yeh, it was almost 9 PM when I remembered I hadn't got to it yet! :P So thankful for willing helpers!

The kids were already dressed for bed! ;-)

We got 7 quart bags with 4 cups in each!! :)

Looking forward to some warm rhubarb crunch with vanilla ice cream in the near future! :)

The Long Road Home

So, Friday morning our family met back at the church where the wedding had been, at 8 AM. We had breakfast together a few miles down the road at Cracker Barrel, before we each headed our directions home. Some headed west, some headed east and we were on our way northwest.

You always have to take time for a game of checkers! :)

Around the table from left to right~ Lynn & Lisa , Mom & Dad, Merv & Joanne, and Linford & Juanita 

Table #2
Renita, Kendon, Brianna, Aggie, and Asher  and our family.


Visiting on the porch for a few minutes before everyone went their own way.

From there, we headed to Indiana, to spend some time with Dan's brother Sam and his wife Katrina.

This is what I find when the kids are bored and ask for my camera. :)

Just a small map of a small part of our trip.

While we were still in Ohio, we saw a bunch of these windmills....this one was right behind a rest area we stopped at.

We got to Sam's around 4:30 in the afternoon.
After hanging out visiting at their house for a while, we went next door to Katrina's parents for supper.
Sam grilled burgers and we had corn on the cob, too!! :)

Mildred's new puppy, Shadow 

It was a chilly evening!! There was a nice breeze blowing.

Ken built a fire to help keep us warm! Well, that might not be why he built it, but it was sure used for that purpose!! :)

Sam, Katrina and Mildred

Saturday morning us and Sam's met Jason and Judy Beachy and their boys for brunch at Lux Cafe in Goshen.

I ordered stuffed french toast....OH MY!! It was gooo-oo-ood!!

Danny got a fruity omelet. Never seen anything like it. It actually had bananas and other fruit inside!!

I really need to do better at getting people's attention before I take pics! ;) But this is us!! :) 
We had a really good visit. Could have spent a few more hours chatting!!

From there, Sam's took us to Indiana's water falls. :)

And here it is!

We were sure this duck was going over the falls, but he put his feet down right on the ledge and proceeded to take a bath! :)

 Another {yummy} stop we made! It was fun sampling all the yummy cheese!!

The kids got some Sarsaparilla....a first for them. They gave it a thumbs up!

We also visited the Davis Mercantile in Shipshewana. I could have spent hours in there.
One highlight was getting JoJo's soft pretzels. They were so, so good!!

The kids took a ride on the carousel on the top floor of the mercantile.

It was amusing to see an older, gray haired Amish couple riding it too!! :) Guess they had a little bit of a kid in them yet! ;)

Awesome candy store!!

In the evening we were invited to Floyd and Arlene Mast's for supper.
Arlene was Dan and Sam's van driver when they lived in Colquitt, GA and went to school in Meigs. 

We had a very enjoyable evening with them.
After a supper of grilled chicken, amazing potato's, jello salad, chocolate cake and ice cream, we spent the evening outside playing corn hole!

I absolutely enjoyed the Indiana weather....and such beautiful countryside!!

Dan and Danny

Floyd and Sam

Tamara found a little {cold} perch....

Floyd made a fire and kept it going! It was another chilly night and this woman who didn't take a jacket, was thankful for the heat!

Danny and Floyd

Dan and Arlene


 When we got back to Sam's, my first grade teacher, Shirley {Horst} Martin came by to see us! She lives nearby and just got done with her job of volunteering at the hospital. It was so good to reconnect with her, even if for a short time. I hadn't seen her since our wedding 16 years ago!!

Sunday morning we got up around 5 and got on the road. We had about 15 hours to home!!

We stopped at the Alabama welcome center....

It was a good, though fast, trip! It was fun to visit an area of the US that I haven't been to before.
I know I'm going to think of more I could have added {this is like my diary} and I may come back later and add more, but it's time to start Day #2 of school!! 

Have a great day~

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding ~ Javin & Vironica

Thursday, August 16, was the much anticipated day. The wedding wasn't till 5:00 that evening, so the morning and afternoon were spent finishing last minute projects.

Flowers ready for the wedding...

Aggie and my great niece, Brianna. It was so good to see them again!

When we got to the church in the morning, we "toured" the reception tent.
Vironica had a beautiful sense of decor!! Very "pinterest-y" :)

Javin built this pergola! I love it!! Heard it will travel to MO and be set up at their house....lovely!

Bridal table

This is the incomplete entrance to the reception tent...I think I have another pic of it later~

Setting up hay bales for seats for the guests.

My nephew Kevin and his girlfriend stopped in on their way to another wedding and Bible School reunion in MI. 
*one of those times when I wish I had taken the time to ask for a better pic! :P The sun was a little bright!*

We worked in the church basement. Chris filled decorated jars with some awesome salsa from a local Mexican restaurant....

We also had to fill 350 small paper bags with tortilla chips. This was the appetizer.

Soon after noon, we went back to the house we were staying at, took a short nap and then got ready for the wedding.

The bales ready for guests...

The finished entrance to the reception. The curtain was taken down during the ceremony.

Signing the guest was a photo book of Javin and Vironica's engagement pictures, with spaces for guests to sign their names...loved that idea!

Waiting for an usher

Some of our family. We sat behind this row...

~Two lovely nieces~

As we were waiting for the wedding to start, there were some dark clouds rolling in behind us. They brought with them a cool breeze. I think God sent them for our benefit!! The sun was very warm and the cloud cover kept us from sweating!! It was lovely!!

One of the 6 flower girls and her brother.

I asked my niece Nicole to take pics since there were too many people in front of us to get good pics. She did great.....most of the next ones were taken by her! :)

Javin waiting for his bride!!

~Taking her from her Dad~

~the songleader~ Wayne Troyer

~devotional~ Roy Hershberger

~pretty bouquets

~my brother Lynn, Javin's dad, married the couple.

~the bridal party - guys
Andy Martin, Jamin Schrock,  Travis Burkholder and Matt Sheaffer

~the bridal party - girls
Stephanie Martin, Angela Burkholder, Gloria Schrock, and Renita Horst

Saying their vows....

Prayer of blessing by the Dad's...

Instead of a unity candle or sand, they poured paint on a canvas!! 

 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Javin Horst!! 

Jamin and Gloria (who just got married 2 weeks before!)

Travis & Angela Burkholder~

Matt & Stephanie

The canvas painting....

Small detail....a nail holding the burlap down over the bales of hay for more comfortable seating! :)

They dismissed the guests one row at a time....

Parents and Grandparents table

The Martin's from GA :) Dwayne was the MC.

Sweet took her awhile to warm up to these strangers! :) 

~Our family~

Clapping as each couple was introduced.

XOXOX The happy couple!! XOXOX

The meal was subs and pasta salad!! Mmmmm

Then two tables of delish desserts!! :)

....and a candy bar~

The groom being kidnapped....he was returned to his bride a little while later, and over $600 richer! :)

Mom & Dad

The quilt Mom made for them! :)

It was a lovely wedding!!