Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest Project


...a wonderful place to get idea's for all area's of life!! :) 

......a time waster?

I guess, like anything else, it can be good if used in moderation! 
I have pinned quite a few things and have made quite a few new recipes and loved most all of them!

When I took down my Christmas decor, I wanted to have a new wreath for my front door. Wanted something springy. So, to Pinterest I went!!

I found this website and decided to make something similar. So last Saturday when Dan and I were in Tallahassee, I went in to Hobby Lobby, 40% off coupon by my side, and this is what I bought....

for about $10! :)

Painted the letter H....for Henry!! :)

And this is the final result. Not really liking how the green's clash.
Should I repaint my front door?? Repaint the H?? What color??

Should I just leave the H off??

I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Weekend

Friday night we met up with Dan's parents in Marianna, FL. They were visiting Dan's uncle in GA and we met and ate supper at Pizza Hut to celebrate Tamara's upcoming birthday.
That was the WORST service we ever had at the Pizza Hut there!! :O We waited almost an hour for our food. It was fuller than I ever saw, but I wonder if they were understaffed or had tons of takeout....or it was our waitress, because others who came in after us got their food before we did. It was good though and we got to spend more time visiting.

After we got home Grandma gave us the gifts Pete & Esther sent down.

Tamara got a set of 2 shadow boxes to paint and decorate.

Danny got a deer call.....he was thrilled!!! :)

I didn't get a picture of Dan, but he got more fishing gear!! :)

Saturday night our church family had our yearly party at the church. The older ladies played Scrabble, the younger men and ladies had 2 games of Rook going and the kids played around the fire outside! :)
By 11 PM, most everyone had went home, so we invited those who were still there to come to our house.

Austin and Dan both had some firecrackers to put off. :)
The next pics look strange because of all the smoke in the air! :P

Lighting bottle rockets. 

and sparklers....

Samuel lighting a sparkler for Susan.

It was so good to see Sam while he was home from Teen Missions College!

Beth thrilled with her sparkler! :)

And sad it went out!

I tried to take a pic of them all while her sparkler was still lit, but it wouldn't flash and they got too dark. When I finally got a decent one, her sparkler went out! :P 

After making lots of noise at midnight, they all came in and we finished another game of Rook! :) And drank coffee....made by Sam.  :)

By the way, Dan's parents and Ruth were also there, I just didn't get them on any pics! :(

Monday morning Dan's parents were getting ready to leave. Sparky could sense they were going home and he could hardly contain his excitement! :)

It won't be too long till these kids are taller than their Grandparents! 

One last pic with Sparky!

I was going to load more pics from Tamara's birthday but I might wait till later....or tomorrow. The guys are watching a basketball game on Dan's laptop and when I upload pics it slows their connection! :P Oops! They were very patient with me, though! :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"The Faces of Christmas" play

Carol Yoder, Yolie, Angie and a few other ladies planned and organized a Christmas Play by the children 2 weeks before Christmas.

"The Faces of Christmas"

Danny was a wiseman.

Silas was also a wiseman :)

Luke, the voice of God, handed out the programs.

Order of service....or almost! ;)

Sean the sheep telling the story from a sheep's perspective. 

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Shepherds and the Sheep on stage.....singing Silent Night.

Tamara, the star....

Danny the wiseman...

The star, the angels and the wisemen joined the others...

Some tired looking sheep! :)

After a brief intermission, the children came back dressed in their "choir robes" and Heidi led them in some songs they have been practicing Sunday mornings.

~This Little Light of Mine~

It was an enjoyable evening. The children did a great job! It's been so fun watching these children grow up in the last 6 years since we moved here! :)

Cookie Exchange

Tamara and I were invited to a cookie exchange by our friend Tiffany Anderson. I was a little unsure about going, because I was afraid I wouldn't know anyone there except Tiffany and that felt too awkward to me! :P I found out that my friend Yolie and her daughter Carmen, Tamara's best friend, were also invited and planned to go, so she convinced me to join her! :)

We had to bake 12 dozen cookies to exchange.

We chose to make Chocolate Crinkles. Tamara mixed up the cookies and then we refrigerated them for a few hours.

Then we formed them into balls and rolled them in Confectioners Sugar.

And this was the final result....

[I had told Mom about the exchange and what kind of cookies I was making. I just talked to her last week and she asked how the exchange went. She said when I told her what kind of cookies I was making, she was a little nervous for me, because when she makes them they get too flat and just don't turn out. She didn't want to tell me that and discourage me, so she was glad they turned out ok!! :) ]

We played a few games after eating a supper of finger foods.

These ladies worked in teams of 2 and could only use 1 hand each, to wrap a gift. :) That is HARD! I am so thankful for my 2 hands!!

Here the younger girls had a relay, carrying marshmallows on a spoon while wearing gloves. :)
 Putting the gloves on...



 Dropping the marshmallow in the bowl....

Next girls turn...

Whoever got 10 in first won. Tamara's team won and she chose a gift off the was a Bath & Body works candle!! :)

Then us ladies had a similar relay. We had to unwrap a Hershey Kiss with gloves on and drop it {completely unwrapped} in a bowl.

Go Yolie!!

Our team did not win, but we had a great evening. We played a few more games, Tiffany had a devotional and we had lots of laughs as people tried to snatch each other candy cane necklaces if we said the word Christmas or cookie. :) Some people set there friends up, can you imagine?? :)

And we came home with containers of yummy sweets! :)

I'm so glad I went....we really enjoyed our evening! Thanks Tiffany!